“Well, it’s Groundhog Day, again!” As most of America will be viewing the Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs today, Bill Murray is set to reprise his role as Phil Connors from the film Groundhog Day in a Super Bowl commercial for Jeep. Since today’s Super Bowl falls on Groundhog Day, it is an appropriate time for a sequel to one of the best comedies of the century – albeit a short one.

The ad was teased on the William Murray Golf Instagram account – Murray, who loves golf, founded the company with his brothers. In the photos, Murray is seen on set dressed the part of Phil Connors from the set in Illinois where the original movie was filmed. A caption for the photo reads:

“Phil Connor and Ned Ryerson reunite in Woodstock’s Town square for a Jeep commercial, which the article states, could run for the Super Bowl (which conveniently runs on Groundhog Day). No update on Needlenose’s ability to recreate the whistling bellybutton trick.”

Groundhog Day was directed by Harold Ramis, debuted in 1993 and grossed an estimated $70 million at the box office. The film also stars Andie MacDowell, as Murray’s love interest, Chris Elliot, Brian-Doyle Murray and the hilarious Michael Shannon in one of his first roles. The film follows TV weatherman Phil Connors, who is covering a story about the small town of Punxsutawney, Pennslyvania’s annual Groundhog Day celebration when he finds himself caught in a loop, reliving the same day over and over again.

The film’s longevity has proven that it is held in the highest esteem as a comedy classic that will endure for even more years to come. The commercial set to run on Super Bowl Sunday is guaranteed to be a hit for fans of the beloved comedy.