Lil Nas X revealed that he ripped his pants while performing on the live comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live.

Nas, who was the musical guest alongside host Anya Taylor-Joy, was giving a steamy performance of his new hit, “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name).” He was accompanied by shirtless male dancers in leather pants. The background mirrored Nas’s recent music video, which drew controversy for its heaven and hell imagery.

Over halfway through the performance, Nas started moving toward to pole behind him. He tried to dance on it, but right when he put his leg up, a look of surprise spread across his face. For the rest of the song, Nas held his hand to his pants. Some thought it might have been a part of the performance, but Nas took to Twitter to reveal what really happened.


Nas followed it up with a second tweet that said, “OMFG NO.”

Fortunately, he did not rip his pants for his next performance of the single, “Sun Goes Down.”

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