Tommy Ford, star of Martin, died Wednesday, Oct. 12 in an Atlanta Hospital after being taken off life support. He was admitted to the hospital Sunday for a ruptured aneurysm in his abdomen.

Known for being on all five seasons of Martin along with The Parkers and Who’s Got Jokes, Ford was a beloved actor. He had tweeted and posted on Instagram days before, Oct. 7, that the physical therapy for his knee was going well. Five days later, news of his death was posted on both his Twitter and Instagram.

Martin Lawrence, co-star of Martin, posted on Instagram about his lost cast mate, not only referring to him as a great friend but also as his brother. “My brother…we were friends way b4 the Martin show & I’m glad we were able to show true friendship on-screen. You brought a lot of love to the world and you will be greatly missed. God Bless to you and the family. Rest In Peace my brother,” Lawrence wrote.

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