This week on This Is Us’s season three, fall finale, many twists were revealed, leaving a lot of viewers speechless and anxious for the next season.

Episode nine, named “The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning,” picks up with the Jack and Nicky storyline. The two only have two days left together, but Jack isn’t aware of this. Jack had successfully gotten Nicky clean, but later in the middle of the night Nicky snuck some pills and ends up right back where he started. Nicky is hurting and he needs the drugs to numb the pain.

In present-day Vietnam, Kevin and Zoe had made it to the village where Jack was stationed. Kevin is still seeking answers about the photo and he shows a man the photo of Jack with the mystery women to see if he would recognize them. The man doesn’t know them.

Meanwhile, it’s Randall’s big debate night against Solomon Brown. Randall gives a heartwarming speech and receives a huge applause. After the debate is finished, Randall is feeling great until he discovers the latest poll which shows that Soloman is so far ahead of him that he probably won’t even be able to catch up. While Randall deals with the tough news, Rebecca and Tess are handing out flyers. Rebecca had let Tess know that she is there for her after Kate spilled the beans about Tess coming out. During the post-debate car ride, Rebecca tells Tess that she doesn’t need to talk to her parents until she’s ready and that she doesn’t want her granddaughter to turn out like her. This resonates with Tess and when she returns home she apologizes to her parents for being off lately and she tells them that she might be into girls. In response, her parents tell her how much they love her and support her. Tess is relieved and goes back to her room, leaving her parents to process what just happened. Beth realizes that they need to focus on their three daughters, and she asks Randall to drop out of the campaign because he can’t win. Randall tells her that he has to see the campaign through to the end. Beth is disappointed in him and he later finds himself making a place to sleep on the couch. 


During “The Beginning,” Kate and Toby are faced with the fact that they are both terrified to get attached to their unborn baby. Eventually, they decide that they can’t continue to live in fear, so Kate makes the decision to go back to college to finish her degree before the baby comes. The pair also agrees to find out what the gender of the baby is and it’s a boy. 

We then flash forward to grown-up Beth, who seems to be running a ballet company. Her assistant tells her that Tess has called her to explain that they’re going to see Randall’s mother and that she had promised to bring the old “oil the tail on the donkey game” for the big three’s birthday. The “her” they’re going to see turns out to be Rebecca, and we are left wondering if Rebecca is dying and if Randall and Beth are no longer together. 

Also, back to present day Vietnam, Kevin and Zoe are getting ready to leave and the hotel owner looks up Nick Pearson in the Memorial database for Kevin, but there was no record of him. It turns out that Nick Pearson didn’t die in the war, and we are left seeing a guy wearing glasses alone in a trailer putting down a stack of mail which is all addressed to Nicholas Pearson —Then the biggest twist is revealed, Nicky is alive! 

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