This season of The Bachelor had some unexpected turns, and although the season finale has already aired, this season’s bachelor, Peter Weber, is still in the headlines. Weber and Madison Prewett apparently have broken up again after getting back together for the “After the Final Rose” special on March 10.

“They were never really back together” in the first place, a source told People. The anonymous source, who works on the show, revealed the information on March 18. “Peter is single,” the source confirmed, adding that the 28-year-old Weber is ” taking some time to figure out what he wants to do next.”

The end of this season’s Bachelor has been a controversial one. Two weeks before the season finale, Weber dropped a bombshell on Prewett while they ate dinner – he had slept with other contestants after Prewett told him that it would be difficult for her if he did that. Prewett, who told Weber she was saving herself for marriage, left the meal and refused to show up for the episode’s Rose Ceremony. Then, during the two-part finale, Weber deciding to get engaged either Prewett or another contestant, Hannah Ann Sluss. However, during the finale, Prewett broke up with Weber, unable to reconcile the fact he had sex with the contestants. Weber became engaged to Sluss, but then broke it off a month later. During the second part of the finale, which itself was filled with drama from both the heart-broken Sluss upset with Weber, and Weber’s mother, who was very upset with him and Prewett.

Weber and Prewett appeared to have reconciled their differences. However, only a few days after the finale, Weber and Prewett broke up again – or so was thought until the anonymous source revealed otherwise.


The anonymous source also revealed that Prewett was very upset at how the relationship played out. “She cares for Peter and wanted to work through their challenges. But it just got too difficult and seemed like everything was against them,” the source said.


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