During Monday night’s shocking part one finale episode of The Bachelor, Colton Underwood made franchise history as he went from three women to zero after calling it quits on his relationships with Tayshia and Hannah G. 

We last saw Underwood effortlessly hopping over an eight-foot fence after Cassie, who he declared his love for, dumped him. But on Monday night during a live segment with host Chris Harrison, the show picked backed up with footage of the night where Harrison and the show’s producers chased Underwood down in the middle of the night. With Harrison even getting close to calling the police by the time producers found Underwood, who then declared that he was “done.”

Ultimately the former pro athlete got back in Bachelor mode and after a night’s rest had decided that he was still in love with Cassie, so he prepared to break up with the two remaining women, who had no idea what was coming. “I’ve been through a lot in the past year,” Colton told Harrison that morning. “And every time something good happens—for me or to me—it’s always followed by something bad… I was falling in love with Tayshia, and I was falling in love with Hannah. I fell in love with Cassie. Cassie shut my heart off.” Underwood then insisted that the constraints of the show are what drove Cassie away, but Harrison pointed out, “What if the bottom line is, she’s just not that into you?” But Underwood wasn’t buying it and stood by his judgment saying, “I think she loves me… I love her enough to risk everything.”

Going into the two breakups, Tayshia was up first. She almost immediately knew that him showing up wasn’t good news. Colton apologized, saying, “You don’t deserve this,” as she tried to support him then the two snuck away from the producers to speak alone, but were still mic’d so viewers got to hear both of them sobbing. After the two had their moment, they parted ways, with Tayshia grabbing her stuff and hurrying into the breakup van while Underwood prepared himself for a second difficult breakup. At the time Tayshia left, she did not give an interview, but when she and Underwood reunited for the first time during the live segment of the episode, Tayshia told Underwood, “I guess I just don’t really understand exactly what was missing.” But Underwood didn’t have an exact answer to give her.

The episode then shifted into the second break up with Hannah G., who had just finished journaling about how much she loved Underwood. And when he unexpectedly showed up at her room, she had no idea that he had shown up to break up with her. Underwood tried to let her down smoothly by telling her that she made him better during their time together, but Hannah, who never got an overnight night with him, was still confused and angry. “That’s what I do; I make everybody better, and then they don’t want to stick around. I’m like… so angry right now,” she said. Once the two parted ways, Underwood sobbed in the hallway as Hannah took Tayshia’s place in the breakup van. 

During Hannah and Underwood’s reunion on the live show, the two remained civil as Hannah just sought out answers on why the two didn’t work out. But still, Underwood didn’t have an exact answer except that he had fallen in love with Cassie and couldn’t turn back. 


Toward the end of Monday’s episode, which showed a sneak peek into part two of the finale, Underwood was seen in a ball of emotions as he showed up at Cassie’s door. Tonight during the second part of the finale, we will learn whether Cassie will reciprocate his feelings and whether Underwood’s difficult breakup decisions paid off in the long run.

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