Taylor Swift shared on her Instagram that she’s releasing her own cover of the hit song “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire and some people are not so thrilled about it.


The singer made the song her own by changing the 1978 funk classic into her own country ballad complete with banjos.

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One Twitter user said it came in perfect timing with the unfortunate Friday the 13th.


Some users are so against her cover, that they refuse to even listen to it.


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But some Twitter users came to her support, and shared their love for her rendition of the song.


Others even came to her defense, saying that covers are meant to sound different from the original.



Fans can give the song a listen on Spotify exclusively, as it is a part of her Spotify Singles.


  • elharbeson
    elharbeson on

    They will probably make more money off of Miss Swift’s cover than they made from the original. It took Earth Wind & Fire 28 years to sell 500,000 copies of it, and in 40 years it has not sold 1,000,000, and it came out when people bought records. I guess that means the people who consider it their anthem are to cheap to purchase it.

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