During a funeral procession for rapper Nipsey Hussle, an unknown assailant in a gray Hyundai fired upon the crowd at the intersection of 103rd and Main Street, leaving three injured and one dead, according to LAPD Chief Michel Moore.

The shooting began hours after a memorial service at the Staples Center, where the rapper was eulogized.

Hussle’s casket went on a 25-mile procession from the Staples Center to a South L.A. funeral home. Onlookers were trying to get a glimpse of the hearse with others chanted “Nipsey,” as the procession passed them by.

The procession took special note to pause in front of Nipsey’s clothing store, the place where Hussle was fatally shot last week.

Since the death of Hussle, there has been a rapid surge in the number of killings in the area.

“Tonight’s homicide in South LA represents the latest loss in a troubling surge in violence,” wrote Moore on Twitter. “Since last Sunday 26 victims have been sot & 10 homicides – that’s 36 families left picking up the piece. We will work aggressively with our community to quell this senseless loss of life.”

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