Before the ninth season of Shameless even began, audiences knew this would be the last one for Emmy Rossumwho plays Fiona Gallagher.


In Sunday night’s finale, Fiona after a series of risky decisions and real-estate hustles finally has the chance for a fresh start after receiving $100,000. She stares euphorically at the check, trying to process what she’ll do with the money. She considers another real-estate gamble or going on a shopping-spree, when she ultimately decides to leave the south side.

After visiting her younger brother in prison, Fiona packs her suitcase and skips out on the planned farewell party, when she’s confronted by Frank (William H. Macy). Frank begrudgingly agrees that Fiona helped raised his kids, but when Fiona responds saying she did it all by herself, Frank says, “Eh, well, if that helps you sleep better.”

Fiona hops on a plane and leaves the Gallagher place behind. The viewer doesn’t  know where Fiona ended up going, but we are left with a clue.

“Somewhere nearer the equator — I’m sick of winters.”

Back in the Gallagher house, Debbie finds a letter with $50,000 from Fiona, with nothing but a simple “love you” inscribed on it.


Rossum after nine seasons left the show on a high note with her character doing it her way. Fans of the show will have to wait next season to see what unfolds next.

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