Taylor Swift, has been speaking directly to her fans and the world about Scooter Braun since August, when news came to light about Braun purchasing her song masters from her old label, Big Machine Records, for $300 million.  Taylor at first penned an open letter where she discussed how she could not believe Scott Borchetta, Big Machine’s owner, sold her music to Braun because “any time Scott Borchetta has heard the words ‘Scooter Braun’ escape my lips, it was when I was either crying or trying not to.”

Initially Borchetta was the only person to respond to her letter, saying Swift knew about it because her father was involved in the board. Swift quickly shut that claim down, saying she found out “online,” adding “like when it hit the news. No one knew.”  Swift took to Instagram to share her frustrations and alleged Borchetta and Braun, were trying to ban her from performing her pre-Lover tracks at the American Music Awards where she is being honored as “Artist of the Decade.”  She urged fans to speak up on the matter, and that was the final catalyst for Braun to finally speak out.

Braun posted a lengthy statement to Instagram where he opened up about the last week of his family’s life, to which has been subjected to death threats, one he even posted and read, “Hi, why dont you just die with your children??? I will buy a gun tmr and them shoot you allin the head.”

Braun said he “wants no part in” a social media war, and would rather have a conversation with Swift in person. Braun also added, “To be frank I was shocked and disheartened to hear that my presence in the Big Machine deal caused you so much pain as the handful of times we have actually met I have always remembered them to be pleasant and respectful.”

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Braun also alleged he has tried to contact Swift for six months regarding the matter and even mutual friends have tried to get her to the table, all of which “had no luck.” Braun also publicly announced she is and should be able to play any song she wants at the award show, and claimed Swift did “not need anyone’s permission to do so legally.”

Braun ended his statement with hope and positivity, saying, “I continue to wish you the best and hope we can resolve this.”