Scarlett Johansson wore a colorful Balmain dress to the premiere of her newest film Ghost in the Shell.


In it, she plays Major, a cyber-enhanced human designed to target and thwart criminals, hackers and terrorists. At the premiere, Johansson’s dress was sparkled with rainbow stripes, making her stand out from the crowd. The dress featured a low-cut neckline as well as a thigh-high slit.

Major style from #ScarlettJohansson at the #GhostInTheShell premiere.

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The #GhostInTheShell team before stepping in to the premiere. See the film for yourself in theatres this Friday! [Link In Bio]

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The look is part of Balmain’s spring/summer 2017 line, though the specific dress was custom made for the actress.

Johansson recently spoke about the role and how, at first, she was worried it was unrelatable. “For my vanity it was exciting, but other than just making pretty pictures, what was there to hold on to? What could the audience hold on to? I couldn’t stop thinking about it,” the actress admitted. “It all started to become real, especially when that was paired with Rupert’s [Sanders, director] explosive visual references. It was like, “Hmm, I don’t know how I am going to do this thing but I know I can,” and the fun part was figuring that out.”

Johansson is no stranger to sci-fi films, having starred in both Lucy and Her. “I have been making genre ­films and action films for a decade, which is crazy, though I did some MMA training and sharpened my skills because it is amazing how quickly you lose it,” she explained. “I also did a lot of tactical training, which I had never done before. It’s always been something I had an aversion to because it makes me nervous.”

Ghost in the Shell hit theaters March 31. See the trailer below.

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