Saturday Night Live’s season finale began with a skit located in Holsten’s Restaurant in Bloomfield N.J., which is based on the series finale of The Sopranos. 

Alec Baldwin played Donald Trump, who sat down and played Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” on the jukebox before he was joined by one of his lawyers Rudy Giuliani (Kate McKinnon).

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Trump asked Giuliani if he went on Fox News the previous night, to which he replied, “I even confessed to crimes you didn’t do — what are they gonna do, arrest you? I dare ya!”

They’re later joined by Michael Cohen (Ben Stiller) and Donald Trump Jr. (Mikey Day) to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Russia investigation.

Cohen said he’s been spending time preparing to go to jail and told Trump, “They say I might do 20 years unless I give you up.”

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Trump reassured Cohen, “I’ve heard jail’s fun. It’s like camp — there’s a free gym dude you’re gonna get so jacked!”

“You gotta focus on the good times!” Cohen said in an effort to remain positive. “Isn’t that what you once told me — that’s why you told me to keep a copy of the Russian pee tape.”

Giuliani added that he needed to show a clip of the tape on CNN, “Don Lemon’s gonna love that.”

In mimicking The Sopranos finale, Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump (Alex Moffatt) was outside the restaurant trying to parallel park his toy tricycle.

Just after the four made a toast with their drinks, Robert Mueller (Robert De Niro) strolled in and took a seat alone in the corner of the restaurant. No one but Trump seems to spot him, who clearly felt wary in his presence.

Mueller walked past their table and gestured “I have my eyes on you” to Trump, which ended the skit.