Sasha Obama is spending her summer break like most teenagers: working. What’s slightly different is the team of Secret Service agents who accompany her during her four-hour shift. A waitress commented, “We were wondering why there were six people helping this girl, but then we found out who it was.”

Sasha Obama’s Summer Job On Martha’s Vineyard

The First Daughter works at Nancy’s seafood restaurant in Oak Bluggs, Massachusetts. She’s spent part of her summer vacation busing tables, doing prep work and manning the takeout window. And plot twist! Sasha has been going by her real name while she’s on the job: Natasha.

Sasha’s spent the past eight years growing up in the White House. Her parents have always made it a priority to give their daughters as normal an existence as possible. Nancy’s is actually a popular spot for the family when they get away to the Vineyard. The restaurant seats 350 and the Obamas know the seafood joint’s owner, Joe Moujabber.

Sasha’s last day of work is Saturday, after which the Obama family will go on a two-week vacation together.

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