Rudy Giuliani faced off against his third wife in another divorce trial on Wednesday morning. Giuliani seems to have a lot at stake in the trial. He’s worth about $45 million and Judith Giuliani insists there was no prenup when the two married back in 2003.

The trial started off ugly, with Rudy refusing to shake his ex-wife’s hand. The former New York City mayor sat stubbornly, back to her, as she extended her hand until he finally turned around.

“Good to see you Rudy,” she said.

Judith claims that the 74-year-old is having an affair with 53-year-old Dr. Maria Rose Ryan, a doctor and hospital CEO. Maria is the mother of Vanessa Ryan, Giuliani’s assistant who he defended in a financial fraud case this year.

Judith, who married Rudy after he left his second wife for her, filed for divorce on April 4. That came a week after Rudy was seen in New Hampshire on a trip, one in which he stopped in at Ryan’s hospital and then had dinner with her and rented out a suite to spend the night.

Documents from the trial show that Rudy Giuliani has spent close to $900,000 on travel, hotels and gifts for Ryan just since April.

Judith’s attorney, Bernard Clair, also said that while her credit card was cut off, Rudy spent over $286,000 on his mistress.

Meanwhile, he’s supposedly refused to pay $63,000 to Judith – that money includes the cost of care for her 87-year-old mother, which he’s agreed to, and the cost of a personal assistant, which he claims does not exist.

During that time, Giuliani spent $165,000 on travel, $12,000 on cigars, and more than that on fountain pens, which he collects.


He’s also denied any accusations of an affair, calling Rose a “very, very fine woman” and saying there was “no proof” they had sex.

At the end of the hearing, Judge Michael Katz told both parties he did not think he’d come to a quick decision. “Don’t expect a decision tomorrow morning,” he said.

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