The revival of the ABC sit-com, Roseanne, concluded its tenth season on Tuesday. The Conner’s were met with bad luck throughout the episode until they were dealt a sweet surprise.

The previous episode revealed Roseanne’s (Rosanne Barr) opioid addiction in combating knee pain, for which she had an expensive surgery planned. However, her husband Dan (John Goodman) had been struggling with his business, so covering the cost of the surgery would be nearly impossible.

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Dan admitted he must resort to hiring undocumented immigrants for manual labor in his next project in the business, which would threaten his union membership and friendship with Chuck.

Roseanne then took it upon herself to try to find some extra money. She and her sister Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) looked through their mother’s basement with the goal of finding something of value. They discovered their mom’s old doll, which Jackie learned could be worth $5,000. However, their bad luck continued when they found out the doll was only worth $100 because its body had been repaired.

Almost unsurprisingly, a storm rolled through Landford, Ilinois, to flood the Conner’s basement. Dan called Roseanne to let her know and she asked if he had at least retrieved important things like their children’s birth certificates. The camera panned to reveal that Dan, knee-deep in water, was only holding a singing fish robot and some bowling trophies as he told Roseanne he did.

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As Dan was moving items in the basement to higher shelves, his long-time friend, Chuck, came by to talk about his plans for using undocumented immigrants. Chuck revealed he was hurt by Dan’s decision and felt their friendship was worth more than a more expensive employee paycheck. Dan told Chuck about Roseanne’s addiction and impending surgery, but he didn’t seem to believe it.

The rest of the Conner’s remained upstairs, where Roseanne tried to keep the family calm. Suddenly, Darlene (Sara Gilbert) checked her found and announced that President Trump tweeted a declaration of a state of emergency in Illinois, which would allow FEMA to pay for the costs of the damage. Dan concluded that he could pocket half of the money for Roseanne’s surgery and do the rest of the work himself.

The family rejoiced at the conclusion of their monetary woes and Dan was able to fix things with Chuck.

In a blog for Entertainment Weekly, Michael Fischman (who plays D.J. Conner) wrote a reflection on the behalf of the Roseanne cast.

“Our hope is we brought families together, made you laugh, made your struggles feel normal, and that, at the end of this season, the family is right where it should be.”

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