Rose McGowan addressed her absence on social media in a candid Instagram story post on Thursday. The activist, who plays a major role in the #Me Too movement, opened up about her recent battles with depression and hitting a low point.

“I haven’t been posting because I’ve been deeply sad and very low,” the actress shared. “Depression is an intense beast. If you’ve read my book I speak openly about depression, trauma, PTSD. I speak of my history with a mind that wants me to sleep forever.. It blocks the sun for so many of us.”

“If you suffer from this, I want you to know you are not alone. I want me to know I’m not alone, no matter how hard my mind whispers the thoughts of the sleep 30 hours kind of sad. The crying and I don’t know why sad. The I just want it to stop sad. I will never put up a false front to the world and post a false joy I’m not feeling. Depression is a beast to dance with. Sometimes the beast holds your head down.”

McGowan’s 2018 New York Times bestseller book Brave laid bare the truth about being born into a cult known as the Children of God in Italy, growing up with a verbally abusive father, and emancipating herself from her parents at the age of 15.

McGowan, who is known infamously for her role on Charmed, has over the years used her spotlight to advocate for women and has openly spoken about her sexual assault accusations against film producer Harvey Weinstein back in 1997.

McGowan recently took to Twitter as well backing up Evan Rachel Wood after she came forward this year to speak about the alleged abuse she endured for years from her former fiancé, singer Marilyn Manson, who McGowan was engaged to for two years in 1999.

McGowan ended her post on a positive note, reminding her fans that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

“But what I know is that there will be light again. And the day will come when the weight of sadness will disappear,” she wrote. “And we will raise our faces to the sun.”

This year, McGowan also announced she will not be returning to the United States to live after her move to Mexico.

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