Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars final season will begin next month, and executive producer I. Marlene King believes “the majority of people will be happy” with the final season.


A panel for the show addressed the crowd at PaleyFest in Los Angeles and spoke about the show’s seven-year history as well as the upcoming final 10 episodes. First they aired a sneak peak of the first new episode and then had a moderated conversation between the cast and producers.

“You can actually see that these girls, and everybody in the cast, actually care about each other on screen as well as off screen,” said star Ahsley Benson. “You can just see it. I think that it’s so cool to be able to feel that and know that it is real and genuine and that’s why it comes across.”

“Every time I look at Tyler [Blackburn]’s face, I start laughing,” a giggling Benson added. “And then Shay [Mitchell] too. We are actually the hardest people to work with to get through a scene because once you start it’s really hard to stop. Especially with us three in one scene.”

King then took the discussion onto the next and final chapter of the show, calling the last season a “love letter to the fans.” “I’m very excited for the show to air and to see the fans’ reactions. I won’t have to hold in any secrets anymore,” she said. “The fans can expect to be completely shocked, but happy that all their questions will be answered.”

“I think that when shows end there’s always a group of people who aren’t happy about it, but I think the majority of people will be happy with the ending,” said King. “We all worked so hard on it with the goal of satisfying fans with a proper ending to a show which has meant so much to so many people.”

Pretty Little Liars returns April 18 on Freeform.