We don’t have that, is Pepsi okay?

A question that’s heard often while dining out, and suggests that Pepsi products are inferior to other beverage companies, mainly Coca Cola.

Traditionally when restaurants run out of something they offer the patron the next best thing. Sorry we don’t carry coke products. No we don’t have root beer. Sorry, the Fanta is out. All followed with the question, is Pepsi an ok substitute? This year, the brains behind Pepsi’s marketing team relied on that question to build their commercial for this weekend’s Super Bowl.

The commercial spot starts with Steve Carell in a diner and a waiter asks him if Pepsi, would be an “ok” substitute for Coke. An offended Carell responds “An ok substitute?”, and the rest of the ad is spent extolling Pepsi with the help of celebrities Lil Jon and Cardi B.


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The Pepsi team led by agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, said they were inspired by the age old question. They stated they could either choose to ignore it, or reclaim it in a comedic fashion. The team decided to call on Lil Jon and Cardi B who are famous individually for the way they say the word ok and throughout the spot they say it in their signature tone.


The Pepsi team said they decided on Carell because they felt he “could be strong and funny at the same time to talk about how great Pepsi is,” Greg Lyons, the company’s CMO for North American beverages said.

“Super Bowl is a super important time for us to grab consumers’ attention. It’s a day where people come together, and they’re enjoying snacks and beverages really as a part of their experience. PepsiCo and its portfolio really naturally fit the occasion.” said Jennifer Saenz, CMO of Frito Lay North America.

PepsiCo put out two other ads for this years Super Bowl season. The first commercial uses a play on words for their sparkling water brand Bubly by featuring singer Micheal Bublé.

The second promotes their new flaming hot Dorito flavor and features both The Backstreet Boys and the ” singer Chance the Rapper.

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