Jan Carlos Ozuna Rosado, known as Ozuna, has made a name for himself on the Reggaeton scene. Ozuna was recently featured alongside DJ Snake, Selena Gomez and Cardi B in the hit single “Taki Taki”. However, whispers of an extortion plot around him compelled Ozuna to address these concerns publicly.


Ozuna confirmed he was the victim of an alleged extortion attempt in 2017. Ozuna’s lawyers, the late, Kevin Fret, a gay Puerto Rican rapper, contacted Ozuna and told him he would release an intimate video from Ozuna’s youth if he didn’t pay the requested stipend of $50,000.

The video allegedly shows an underage Ozuna engaging, intimately with two men. Fret told Ozuma the video would damage his Ozuma’s reputation if it went public. Ozuna complied with Fret’s demands and handed over the cash to keep the video from going viral.

But, Ozuna apologized in a statement obtained by People asking for forgiveness.

“What happened was a mistake of the past. Like many young people, I made a mistake, fueled by ignorance,” read the statement. “Today, I’m not only sorry for what happened, but I condemn it. That’s why I looked for help and I am certain everything will be cleared. Likewise, I’m following the process and am always willing to collaborate with authorities to prevent the evil that resulted from this big mistake. More importantly, I ask my family for forgiveness. They are my life’s priority and I will continue to fight for them always,” he said.

Before confirmation of the extortion surfaced, Fret was shot and murdered in San Juan earlier this month. However, Ozuna’s lawyer assured People that, “Ozuna has nothing to do with [Fret’s] death, “The only way Ozuna is affected is that [Fret] was extorting him and police have the information.”

Don Omar, Ozuna’s longtime rival, has been accused of using homophobic language geared towards Ozuna on Twitter. 

Lunch break! Alguno de ustedes come 🦆? Yo no 👎🏾 #dígalenoalacarnedepato #esdura pic.twitter.com/qLskLh1V0q

— DON OMAR aka KONG (@DONOMAR) January 22, 2019

Don’s Omar’s tweet roughly translates to, “Lunch Break! Any of you eat duck? Not me.”

In some Latin American countries Duck is a homophobic slur, and Don Omar is receiving back lash for his comments. “Homophobia in this day and age? How embarrassing loco,” artist Bad Bunny tweeted. 

— Carmen Yulín Cruz (@CarmenYulinCruz) January 22, 2019

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz responded quoting Omar’s tweet with the caption, “We carry on. As Olga Tañon told us this weekend, there are more of us who are good.”

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