Amanda Alvear, 25, was slain during the shooting in Orlando’s gay nightclub Pulse early Sunday morning.

Amanda Alvear Captures Shots Being Fired On Snapchat

Alvear was among 49 others that lost their lives when the shooter, Omar Mateen, attacked the club using an assault riffle. Mateen was later killed by the police.

Mykol Marte, a friend of Alvear, posted to his Facebook a video of her Snapchat story, which captured the events of the night leading up to her death.

In the video, Alvear is first seen enjoying the night, dancing, and holding up a drink. The last clip shows her looking around with a confused expression. Over the sound of the firing automatic weapon, the only audible words are Alvear saying “shooting.”

Warning: The video contains disturbing content

Marte posted the video with the caption: “Found out thru snapchat my friend Amanda Alvear was there at Pulse last night. Tried calling and texting and still haven’t gotten a reply.”

After her death was confirmed Marte took to facebook to express his grief for his friend.

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