Even after giving an inspiring Golden Globe speech and campaigning for politicians during the 2018 midterm elections, Oprah isn’t done.

On Wednesday, just a day after the elections, she revealed her “favorite things” for 2018 to Good Morning America. “We’ve got gifts for just about everyone on your list. There are even some you may want to choose for yourself!” she said.

Adam Glassman, creative director of O, The Oprah Magzine, appeared on the shows weekly Deals and Steals segment with Tory Johnson for the first look at Winfrey’s latest annual gift list.

This year’s list has over 107 items, making it the biggest in its 22-year history, as well as its own Amazon.com page.

Oprah said, “I love discovering delectable, cozy, innovative new gifts and revisiting some of my past favorites to find the perfect present for each of the special people in my life, and then sharing these great finds with all of you!’

Two standouts from the list are the truMEDIC Foot Massager as well as the LA Relaxed Jumpsuit.

The truMEDIC Foot Massager usually goes for $199 but with GMA‘s Deals and Steals it’s selling for $99.50. Oprah said: “When I tried this foot massager, I swear fireworks lit the sky, waves pounded against the shore, and a choir of angels sang. This is some powerful pampering.”

And then the 64-year-old raved about the LA Relaxed Jumpsuit, calling it “a onesie for grownups.” A frequent traveler, she called it a must for anyone. ‘This jumpsuit is a pleasure to wear on a long trip because you can curl up in it and still look fresh when you get where you’re going. That stripe down the leg sure does slenderize.”

Though it’s normally $168, again it’s down to $84 through the Steals and Deals segment.


The full 107-item list is available online and also featured in Oprah’s O Magazine which comes out on November 20. 12 readers will win every item on her list when she does her 12-Day-Give-O-Way through December 9.

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