Pittsburgh based graphic designer Nickolay Lamm has designed what he calls the Lammily doll–it’s a ‘real life’ incarnation of a Barbie. The Lammily doesn’t have the fictional ideals of perfection that the regular Barbie does; rather the Lamminy has tattoos, curves, a little extra weight around the hips, cellulite, and comes with stickers to add on acne, stretch marks or scarring. Fans, including, Lamm have begun to refer to it as “Normal Barbie.”

In an interview with The Washington Post, Lamm created the doll to show young people that reality can be beautiful too. Lamm reflected that he had his own body issues growing up and wanted to do something about the common belief of what beauty is.

“Back in high school, I thought I was short for a guy at 5-5, so I starved myself and exercised to exhaustion to have a set of six-pack abs,” he said. “I looked and felt terrible. I thought a lot about how everyone’s body is different, but we measure ourselves with one standard.”

He wants young girls to “think more about what they love and what they do and not as much as how they look. So if they have a doll that looks like everyone else, they won’t have to focus on looks so much.”

The Lamminy was created via crowd-funding. Originally setting a $95,000 goal, Lamm raised $501,000, and has since received 22,000 orders for the doll. As seen in the video below, Lamm brought his dolls to Pittsburgh’s St. Edmund’s Academy and gave them to the school’s second grade class to play with and discuss.

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