On Thursday, South Park returned for season 22 which honed in on gun violence in schools. 

Creators of the show, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, went with a relevant mass school shootings theme for the show. Over the years, headlines that include the words “mass shooting” have become so common that people are hardly commenting and reacting to them anymore, and South Park depicts this in the very first episode named “Dead Kids.”

The episode follows the main character Eric Cartman as he convinces himself that Token Black may have set him up to fail the math quiz, and later finding his fellow students being slaughtered in the hallway, but nobody except Sharon Marsh seems to care.


This all starts when Cartman claims that Token Black is pretending to not have seen Black Panther because he doesn’t believe that any black American would resist seeing Marvel’s first all-black cast. When Cartman goes to take his math quiz, he begins to fear that his “accurate” criticism of Black Panther motivated Black to set him up to fail the quiz.

Throughout the episode, Marsh struggles with getting anyone, including Randy to react the way a society should after a student mass shooting. Marsh becomes frustrated after people dismiss her for having a hormonal problem.

The “Dead Kids” episode ends with Marsh succumbing to the indifference of her peers after deciding that it’s too difficult to be the only one who cares. 

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