Nancy Grace ended her HLN program on Tuesday night. After being its host for 12 years, Grace announced that she was signing off in the latest HLN show.

The 56-year-old prosecutor says she wanted to be a literature professor after high school, but everything changed when her fiancee Keith Griffin was murdered in 1979. Grace was only 19, and decided to go to law school so she can help bring criminals to justice.

As a prosecutor in Atlanta, Georgia, Grace convicted over 100 felons with no losses. She met he founder of Court TV and shortly after became the co-host of a show with Johnnie Cochran, who was the defense attorney for OJ Simpson.

The Nancy Grace show on HLN, CNN’s sister network, began in February 2005. Grace was famous for her opinionated coverage and ardent defense of crime victims. Grace had announced her departure from the show some four months earlier. In the final show, she highlighted her favorite moments on HLN, and said that “it’s not goodbye, it’s just goodnight.”

Grace has not revealed anything about her future plans yet.

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