Michelle Carter gained infamy in 2015, when she encouraged her then-boyfriend Conrad Roy III to commit suicide through text messages and phone calls.

Carter and Roy met online in early 2014, and they began dating the same year. Their relationship consisted mostly with texting and talking through apps, though they did meet in person a few times. At the time of Roy’s death in 2014, he was 18 and Carter was 17 years old.

Roy’s death occurred on July 13, 2014 in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Carter encouraged Roy to end his own life, suggesting he use his pickup-truck. Carter actually gave Roy the idea, when she texted him saying, “Go in your truck and drive into a parking lot somewhere, to a park or something.”


At one point, Roy actually left his pickup truck due to the lightheaded sensation he felt once the carbon dioxide entered his vehicle. When Roy called Carter, she instructed that he go back into his pickup truck. After that final call, this is when Roy took his own life in a K-Mart parking lot.

For the full text-message exchange acquired by Boston 25 News, click here.

The case began in February 2016. As the case spread wildly on the internet, so did the media  intensity on the case. Carter was given a 15-month sentence for involuntary manslaughter. The Massachusetts’ Supreme Court even upheld the ruling, despise an appeal from Carter’s lawyers to overturn the case.

Last week, 23-year-old Carter could be seen leaving the Bristol County House of Corrections, after serving approximately eleven months behind bars. Carter followed every rule that was set for her while behind bars. On top of that, she served meals for other prisoners, and she even joined the jail’s Bible instruction program.

“She has been a model inmate. She’s very focused on programs. No issues at all. She’s what we like to see,” stated Sheriff Thomas Hodgson in an interview with a local Massachusetts newspaper.


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