Lil Pump posted a video sharing some bloopers from the video shoot of his latest song, “Coronao Now.”


The video he released on Instagram shows the rapper being bitten by a snake. In the clip, the rapper is quickly attacked by the snake before shaking it off. The snake trainer is seen trying to place the snake around Pump’s arm, however, the snake lunges at Pump, biting him.

The video cuts to after the attack, where bite marks and blood are seen on the rapper’s hand. The snake trainer is seen in the background holding the snake, but the snake lunges at another person right before the video ends.

“Yo, I just got bit by a snake!” the rapper yelled in the video. His Instagram caption read, “I JUST GOT BIT BY A SNAKE. WTF. I CANT F*** W NO SNAKES. I HOPE I DONT DIE.”

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