At the beginning of last decade, Kesha (formerly: Ke$ha) found herself at the top of the pop charts with her glitzy pop single, “TiK ToK.” Her song “TiK ToK” is still the best-selling single in digital history. Ten years later, Kesha is releasing brand new music. In fact, she just released her newest album High Road today, as she informed fans via Instagram.


Her oldest songs, such as “Your Love Is My Drug” and “We R Who We R” each have that ‘2010’s pop’ feel to them. Her second album Warrior contained the single, “Die Young.” The 2012 album would be her last, for approximately five years.

In January 2014, Kesha was admitted into rehab for an eating disorder. It was after she left the rehabilitation center, that she dropped the $ from her name. In an attempt to create a more positive atmosphere, she altered various bits of her life, such as her Twitter username. She changed it from @keshasuxx to @KeshaRose.

Kesha’s gap in releasing albums, stems from her fight with ex-music producer Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald. In October 2014, Kesha filed a civil suit against Gottwald in New York for sexual harassment, gender violence and infliction of emotional distress. In April 2016, The New York State Supreme Court dismissed all allegations against Gottwald.

Her “return” is not a return in a traditional sense. The return for her, is her reemergence back into the genre where she first gained her fame. This album is all about moving on, and trying to reclaim a life back. It’s truly a happy album, as Kesha has transformed back into the confident pop star, that we all know and love.

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