It seems like Kanye West is always making the news.

Now, West is being sued by Japanese fabric company, Toki Sen-I Co., for allegedly failing to pay them for fabrics they provided. According to court documents, Toki Sen-I Co. claims West tried to cheat them out of money by creating a fake company. In June 2018, West was supposed to make a downpayment on fleece materials, when he didn’t, the relationship between Toki-Sen and the Yeezy Brand was strained.

When Kanye was given the total payment he owed he refused to pay. The company allegedly tried to set up payment plans and make it work for West. But, he simply refused. Now, West is being sued for $624,051, the total he was supposed to pay Toki Sen-i Co. months earlier.

This is not the first time the “Ye” singer has been in trouble with his clothing line. Jordan Outdoor Enterprises filed a lawsuit over Kanye’s Season 5 Collection claiming he used an unauthorized camo pattern from their Realtree collection.

Earlier this year, West was in another legal battle. In 2013, he coined the term in  “yeezy” and “Yeezus,” and even obtained the trademark in 2017. However, the rapper turned designer failed to secure the trademark for his clothing line. So March of 2018, Kanye entered a trademark battle with a Chinese apparel company, Fujian Baby Network Technology Co,  after discovering they named an item “Yeezy Boost” as part of their own line.


Kanye is wildly respected in the music industry but it seems his reputation as a designer has been mixed.

Usually very vocal on Twitter, fans have been looking to his their Twitter feeds for answers. But, West has kept pretty hush about the situation. And in fact, hasn’t tweeted since the very first day of 2019.

It seems the backlash from Kanye’s support of President Donald Trump support and suspicion around the Yeezy line, has prompted the rapper to take a social media break.

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