In the music video “Intentions” released last week, Justin Bieber and Quavo give back to women who have faced homelessness and who now serve as “pillars” in their community.

The video brings attention to the Alexandria House, a non-profit company that gives housing to women and children who are transitioning from living in shelters to living in permanent housing. The video ends with a call to donate to the Alexandria House through the “Intentions Fund,” which has already been backed with a $200,000 donation from Bieber.

“My intention is to speak truth to power, to speak about the injustices and the need for equity,” said the director of the Alexandria House, Judy Vaughan in the video.

The video showcases women who have been helped by the Alexandria House that now help fight homelessness in Skid Row, Los Angeles. Bieber and Quavo celebrate them by giving one woman, Bahri, a new car, and another, Angela, a chance to record her poetry in the studio.

You can donate to the “Intentions Fund” here.

“Intentions” is a song off Bieber’s comeback album Changes, which is set to be released February 14.

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