In his latest controversy, on Tuesday night, Justin Bieber allegedly punched a fan in the face, leaving the victim bleeding.

Bieber stopped in Barcelona, Spain, for a performance as part of his Purpose Tour. While arriving to the Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi stadium, a fan ran up to his car and stuck his hand in the window, trying to touch the Canadian singer’s face. Bieber reportedly responded by quickly jabbing the fan in the face, causing his lip to bleed.

TMZ released a video of the incident, showing the “Sorry” singer greeting fans and the following altercation. After the incident, the unnamed young Spanish man can be viewed holding his face before approaching the camera with blood running from his mouth. “I touched his face like this and he went, ‘Boom’,” the victim says.

Bieber has faced a lot of criticism while on his international tour. He has shied away from his fans in recent months, deleting his Instagram account, and had multiple on-stage tantrums during performances – at times walking off stage and chastising fans for yelling at him.

In October, the singer prompted anger among some fans when he stormed off stage in Manchester after demanding the crowd stop screaming while trying to talk between songs. “The screaming in these breaks has got to stop,” he said prior to his departure. “Please and thank you. I don’t think it’s necessary when I’m trying to say something and you guys are screaming.”

Earlier this month, a fan also attempted to pull his trousers down in Prague.

Bieber has yet to respond to the released video footage.

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