Jimmy Kimmel has tweeted an apology after going back and forth with Sean Hannity.

The Twitter battle between Kimmel and Hannity ensued after Kimmel made a joke about Melania Trump‘s accent. Hannity responded to the joke Kimmel made by calling him a “despicable disgrace on air. Kimmel then brought up the fact the Fox newscaster supported Roy Moore.


They took to social media to continue their battle after Hannity pulled Kimmel’s previous skit The Man Show and called him “Harvey Weinstein Jr” and used the hashtag “#pervertkimmel”

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Their war continued after Kimmel tweeted, “No one likes you.”



Then, two started to take jabs at the other’s T.V standings.


They continued with Kimmel attacking Hannity’s sexuality.


That tweet garnered an immediate response from Hannity.

Kimmel gave a simple response of, “boring.”

He then tweeted about the hypocrisy Hannity was flaunting.



The two continued until Kimmel posted a statement saying the banter did “nothing good for anyone and, in fact, is harmful to our country.” He also added an apology to the gay community for his statements but didn’t have have one for Melania Trump. He instead stated that the joke was “harmless and silly.”

Hannity’s response was a tweet that stated he’s “at a tournament” with his daughter and promoted his show which will have a response to Kimmel.


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