The first American President born in a hospital, Jimmy Carter can now put being the oldest living president on his long list of achievements. Carter surpasses George H.W. Bush who died in November at 94 years and 171 days old.

Today, Carter is 94 and 172 days old.

Carter was Georgia’s 76th governor before winning 1976 Democrat nomination, and proceeded to win the presidency. During this time in office, he oversaw the Panama Canal Treaty and the passage of educational programs and environmental protection legislation, such as the Alaska Lands Conservation Act. Carter mediated a peace agreement between Egypt and Israel in 1978, the Camp David Peace Accords, that became one of his major foreign policy accomplishments.

Carter lost the presidency to Ronald Reagan, but that didn’t stop him from being one of the most active ex-presidents. He received a Nobel Prize in 2002 and cemented his legacy with his continued participation in Habitat for Humanity through the Carter Work Project.

The Carter Center, opened by the ex-president and his wife Rosalyn, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan center focused on national and international issues of public policy. Deanna Congileo, a spokeswoman for the Carter Center, stated in an interview with NBC News, “We at The Carter Center are grateful for his long life of service that has benefitted millions of the world’s poorest people.”


In 2015, Carter, 91 at the time, announced he was diagnosed with cancer and had a mass removed from his liver. Though the cancer spread to other parts of his body, just a few months later, Carter made a surprise announcement at a Sunday school in Georgia that he was cancer free.


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