On Sunday, Jeff Bridges, who has a career in the entertainment industry that stretches over six decades, received the Cecil B DeMille Award at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards in recognition of his body of work.

During his acceptance speech which every DeMille winner uses for something different, Bridges thanked his wife and family and shared stories from his time in the industry.

When he first took the stage, Bridges first thanked his wife, Susan Geston, for her “45 years of support and love.” He then went on to thank his representatives, assistants, his brother and fellow actor Beau Bridges, who was in attendance at the ceremony, and their late father Lloyd Bridges, who was also an actor.

“I’m wearing your cuffs, dad!” Bridges said to the crowd while turning his gaze toward the sky and showing his wrists. “I’m wearing your cufflinks! They’re your dad’s, too!”

Out of many Bridges performances, one of the most famous was his role in 1998’s The Big Lebowski, which celebrated its 20th anniversary a few months ago. In the film, Bridges plays Jeffrey Lebowski, who goes by the nickname Dude or “El Duderino.” 

While continuing his speech, Bridges was sure to give a huge shout out to Big Lebowski collaborators and the Coen brothers who produced and directed it. He also thanked The Last Picture Show director Peter Boganovich for “kick[ing] the whole party off” for him and he called on Joel and Ethan Coen as “true masters.” “If I’m lucky, I’ll be associated with the Dude for the rest of my life,” Bridges said. “I feel so honored to be a part of that film. Great movie.”

He then went into singling out famous engineer and architect Buckminster Fuller explaining the importance of trim tabs, which is a device he used as a metaphor for how humanity is connected.

“I think of myself as a trim tab and all of us are trim tabs . . . man, we’re alive!” he said. “We can make a difference! We can turn this ship in the way we wanna go, man!”

“Towards love and creating a healthy planet for all of us. So I want to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press for tagging me. I want to tag you all. You’re all trim tabs! Tag, you’re it!” he continued.

Besides Bridges win last night, he has been nominated four other times for his roles in Starman, The Fisher King, The Contender, and Hell or High Water. Over the course of his career, Bridges has starred in over 70 films, including True Grit, Seabisciut, The Big Lebowski, and King Kong.

 Previous winners of the Cecil B DeMille Award include George Clooney, Robert De Niro, Audrey Hepburn, Harrison Ford, Jodie Foster, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep, Barbra Streisand, Denzel Washington, and Oprah Winfrey.

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