House Hunters host Suzanne Whang died on Tuesday after a long battle with cancer. Viewers came to know Whang as the voice and face of House Hunters for nearly a decade.

Those closest to Whang have spoken out about her death and are sending their condolences to viewers and fans. “She was an amazing brilliant light and will be missed,” her agent, Eddie Culbertson, told CNN on Friday. “We were together for over 20 years — I know my life is better having known her.”

Jeff Vezain, posted about her passing on her Facebook page. “On Tuesday evening around 7:20pm, Suzanne breathed her last breath here at home, as I knelt beside her and caressed her. For thirteen years she confronted cancer with courage, humor, determination and optimism. She was immensely encouraged by the love of her family, friends and those she had yet to meet. Your kind, loving messages always lifted her spirits. I know she would prefer that her life be  celebrated, as opposed to her passing mourned, but I also know how vehemently she disagreed with anyone being told, “Don’t cry.” So…cry if you will. I’ve been crying a LOT! And laughing…and everything in between.” he posted. 

Whang was best known for her work on House Hunters but was also an actor and comedian. She previously worked on shows such as NYPD Blue and Criminal Minds and most recently
played a prison gang leader named Olive Garden on the newest season of Arrested Development.<


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