Horror movie star Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed has been charged with murder just one day after the film she was starring in wrapped filming.

The actress, who plays a character who murders someone by shooting them in the upcoming horror film From The Dark, was charged with real-life homicide similar to the one her character commits in the movie. According to the Mail Tribune, the filmmakers had no idea when she was cast in their movie that she was facing a manslaughter charge. The charge was for the fatal shooting of her uncle in 2016.


The upcoming film’s production company, Siskiyou Productions made a statement to their IndieGoGo page about the situation. “We had absolutely no idea about who she was or her circumstances,” the company stated. “Please, do forgive us. We are trying our best to make a release of this film happen, but we don’t want to hurt anyone in the process.”

Although Moore-Reed claimed the murder was self-defense, video footage from her cellphone was found by investigators. The footage was taken while Moore-Reed shot her uncle, which resulted in an upgraded murder charge.

Moore-Reed is currently being held without bail with her murder trial scheduled in December.

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