On Grey’s Anatomy Thursday night, as Karev heads to court, Meredith offers to accompany him. He refuses and says it’s just to set a trial date and isn’t a big deal. They sit for a bit before he leaves. As he’s in the security line at the courthouse he meets a newly pregnant woman with a strange rash. He urges her to get it checked.

DeLuca and Jo talk about what’s going on but from his side. He’s also eager to see when the trial will be.

Lea Murphy has been rehired and Arizona is not happy about it. Catherine agrees as Arizona asks Webber what he was thinking.

April, Amelia and Ben are taking care of a father and son who were involved in a car accident.


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The woman from court comes to see Karev at the clinic to see about her rash.

Catherine questions Bailey on why Karev is still working at the hospital in any capacity. Bailey argues that until he’s been officially sentenced, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be working. Catherine doesn’t care and tells her that if Bailey doesn’t fire him she’ll do it herself.

Both father and son from the accident have a few injuries but the father is doing much worse by comparison. However, from their conversation, it seems that the father has bit of an aggressive driving issue.

Karev’s friend from court invited her “baby daddy” to wait with her. There seems to be a problem but Karev isn’t allowed to say so since technically he’s not a surgeon anymore.

Owen tries to talk to Amelia about why she’s changed her mind so drastically about trying for a baby. Amelia assures him there isn’t a big conversation necessary, she just wants to wait.

Bailey talks to Webber about her conversation with Catherine. She repeats her feelings about not wanting to get rid of someone as great as Karev unless it’s necessary. Just then, Karev comes to them angry about not getting a response to his pages to come to the clinic. His patient has cancer. His outburst isn’t a good endorsement to keep him around, though.

Jo joins Bailey and Karev in telling the patient her possible cancer diagnosis.

The rest of the doctors are operating on the road-rage father and Avery is teasing April about her similar problem on the road.

Arizona finds an ally in being so annoyed about Murphy’s return. They explain to Maggie that they both slept with her.

Jo, Stephanie and DeLuce are also talking about it, as Murphy walks up to join them.

Karev’s patient has aggressive pancreatic cancer and Bailey wants to recommend terminating the baby. Karev argues that this can’t be the only option, further making question why she’s fought for him to stay if he can’t trust her.

Amelia tries to get a bit more info from the son involved in the accident and his father’s behavior. As he’s admitting he’s scared and his mother arrives, he passes out and needs immediate attention.

DeLuca notices Jo and Karev having a lively argument and fights the urge to see what’s going on.

The doctors are breaking the news to Karev’s patient and she’s not taking the news well. Karev suggests a high-risk procedure in front of the patient and Bailey is livid for getting her hopes up. She tells him to know his place.

The boy from the accident doesn’t make it and Amelia takes it especially bad.

Murphy joins Riggs and Maggie in the OR and tries to explain what’s been said about her. They all bond on having a hard time in the beginning.

Bailey tries to explain to the patient that the surgery is so risky and it’s not worth it. The patient explains she’d rather risk her whole life if possible. She completely trusts her close friend/child’s father and and doesn’t see any reason to take the baby away from him if he’s dying anyway. Bailey reconsiders. She and Karev talk to the almost-dad about what to expect after the surgery and he explains his fears on raising a child without her.

Amelia breaks the news to the parents from the accident and the mother tells her husband she wishes it was him that died. Amelia runs out of the room and into Karev who can tell she needs someone to talk to. She finally explains that she had a baby while living in LA but he didn’t survive because he was born without a brain. She reveals that no one knows, not even Owen. She’s afraid he won’t look at her the same. She also reveals that after taking a pregnancy test the night before, she was relieved when it was negative while he was heartbroken.

Murphy and Arizona have an awkward run in.

April and Avery are having a bit of anxiety after seeing the boy die so suddenly, they triple check Harriet is strapped in tightly.

DeLuca confronts Jo about still talking to Karev and says they shouldn’t talk about the case anymore.

Amelia is still being weird around Owen and tells him not wait up for her after work.

Catherine catches Bailey to continue their conversation. Bailey doesn’t back down on her opinion and Catherine says it’s fine but there is a bigger issue going on. She doesn’t see how any of the doctors have all made mistakes that needed to be forgiven anyway. She said her and Bailey will fix the teaching, which all stems from Webber.

Karev dishes with Meredith about his day, even though he didn’t talk to her all day. Karev tells her he wants to start having “waffle Sunday’s” at the house with everyone, emphasizing that he wants Amelia to be included too.

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