On Thursday night’s Grey’s Anatomy, Karev is trying to make the best of working in the clinic until his name is hopefully cleared. He shows up early for work for some extra points. Meredith stops in for moral support, but not to do any real helping of course.

Amelia and Owen have a chat about the things they don’t know about each other, in bed. Amelia is freaked out that she doesn’t know Owen’s view on faith and God and feels it’ll be bad for their future children if they don’t come to an agreement.

Riggs asks Meredith out for a date, sort of. Meredith says no.

Ben walks in on Avery stand-sleeping and Avery gives him an update on Harriet and April. April is still unable to let him do more things while she recovers.


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Ben, Owen, and Meredith attend to an emergency on the helipad, a married couple was in an accident. There names are Polly and Daniel and Daniel is paraplegic.

Karev is struggling in the clinic since he has no power like he’s used to. He’s technically not allowed to perform even the mildest surgery and it’s getting to him.

Bailey gives DeLuca an update on the internal affairs of the case and that he isn’t allowed to talk to anyone about it. He says it won’t be hard since people aren’t really talking to him much these days anyway.

Amelia interrupts Owen performing a CT scan to continue their talk from the morning. She thinks he knows everything about her but she doesn’t know anything about him and maybe they got married too quickly. He tries to assure her they’re fine.

April comes to the hospital six hours before her appointment to sleep and tells Stephanie (who’s trying to sleep as well) she can’t sleep at home because she doesn’t feel comfortable at Avery’s.

Owen thinks Polly needs more tests but Meredith and Riggs think they should wait and monitor her before doing more tests. Owen is outnumbered.

Amelia tells Owen that the reason she’s getting into all of this is because there’s things about her he doesn’t know and he may not like them. She of course doesn’t explain what she means.

Arizona checks in on DeLuca as she’s walking with Jo and asks how he’s doing. She comments that he’s healed perfectly and that Avery did a great job. The situation is a little awkward but Arizona can’t tell. She asks what else is going on with the case and DeLuca tells her what Bailey told him.

Karev has an underage patient in the clinic who binge drinks and is apparently a frequent patient. He gets Webber to help him get through to her.
Maggie is still having a hard time even being around Riggs. Whenever they’re in the same room she thinks of an excuse to leave.

Meredith brings Daniel to come see Polly just as she’s having complications. Owen was right.

Webber plays good cop with Karev’s patient but it doesn’t work. She gets more upset and tries to leave, Webber gently grabs her and seems to knock her shoulder out of its socket. She reacts more annoyed than hurt and simply puts it back in place herself, causing a lot of confusion.

Ben tells Avery to talk to April.

Arizona tells April to stop acting like she’s a guest at his house and realize she’s a cohabitant, but also gives her the news that she’s healed and can come back to work so she can move out.

Karev leaves work early to attend a meeting with his lawyer although he isn’t supposed to be leaving early. As he’s waiting for the bus to pull off he realizes something and runs off.  He realizes that his patient in the clinic isn’t really an alcoholic but has a rare disease that cause the symptoms. He shares the information with Weber and says he doesn’t want the credit.

Polly comes out of surgery somewhat well, except that now she’s paralyzed from the waist down. Owen is adamant that they could have prevented it but Riggs assures her that it wouldn’t have mattered. When Owen leaves to tell Polly the news, Meredith asks Riggs if he was telling the truth or if he was just standing up for their decision. Riggs is offended that she thinks he would risk a patients life just to “get in her pants.”

Jo and DeLuca joke about how they are both not supposed to be talking about what’s happened with Karev.

Polly’s husband, Daniel, is feeling responsible for what’s happened to her because of the accident. Meredith tells him he’s the best person to talk to her right now.

April and Avery finally talk about their living situation and she tells him she’ll move out. Avery wasn’t expecting that to be the solution and says that he doesn’t want her to. She says she doesn’t want to either.

Back in bed, Owen assures Amelia that she can tell him anything. She tells him about a man she was with while she was on drugs and how he overdosed and died while she was passed out. He tells her how he once choked Christina during a PTSD nightmare. They decide they’re ok and their future children will be amazing. They decide to try asap.

Meredith tells Riggs she can’t do her job if she’s thinking about what he thinks of her. He’s weirdly flattered. Meredith says they can only be colleagues. Maggie walks up behind them just as Riggs asks why he and Meredith can’t be friends. Riggs recovers and makes it seem like he’d been talking about Maggie and their awkwardness. Maggie is happy with what she thinks has happened and that they are all friends.

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