Last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “What I Did for Love,” was a crazy love-fueled crossover with Station 19 that advanced the relationships of our favorite characters.

The episode starts off with Levi (Jake Borelli) in the ambulance bay with a “John Doe,” who suddenly collapsed in front of the florist where he was buying flowers. He had been trying to cheer up his boyfriend Nico (Alex Landi), who made a mistake while operating that resulted in the death of his patient but to no avail.

The “John Doe” is confirmed to be Fire Chief Lucas Ripley (Brett Tucker), who was buying flowers for his girlfriend Victoria “Vic” Hughes. She had proposed to him the day before, but he didn’t answer, and he wanted to make up for it and tell her yes.

Lucas wants to leave Grey Sloan and tell Victoria his answer, but he is forced by Maggie (Kelly McCreary), who is having her own love issues, to stay so she can check up on his heart which is showing strange symptoms.

Maggie confides to Lucas about her boyfriend, Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams), and how he asked her to move in with him, but she hasn’t answered him yet. Lucas shares his story to her and tells her to “go to him,” and she decides to move in with him.


Maggie discovers to her shock that the strange symptoms coming from Lucas wasn’t from his heart, but a deadly toxin he was exposed to while on duty. Lucas needs immediate treatment, and when she goes back to his room, he is gone, having left to go find Vic. His ultimate fate however is revealed in Station 19.

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) has a patient named Gabby, and she has an abdominal obstruction and needs surgery. Her father, Luis, is an undocumented immigrant and he doesn’t have insurance. He works as a janitor, but he makes too much money to qualify for the state policy.

Meredith vows to help Gabby and with the help of Andrew (Giacomo Gianniotti), she decides to commit insurance fraud by filling out the forms with her daughter Ellis’s information and pretending she’s the one getting surgery. After the surgery, Gabby is discovered to have a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and the fraud is found out by former chief Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.).

After much deliberation, Webber decides to keep Gabby in the hospital for 30 days so the state policy can kick in and grant Luis insurance. His reasoning is that he doesn’t want Luis to be deported nor does he want Meredith to have to go to prison.

Meredith is thrilled for having saved Gabby’s life, and Andrew who has been strangely silent throughout the whole experience, tells Meredith he’s in love with her.

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