Grey’s Anatomy’s season 15 fall finale has arrived, and things definitely took a turn on the “Blowin’ In The Wind” episode.

A windstorm had hit Seattle and the hospital was thrown into chaos. Teddy still in town, decided that she could no longer sit in her hotel room. So, she goes to the emergency room and immediately runs into Owen and Amelia. A little while after that awkward moment passed, Bailey gave Teddy the ok to work, and she ends operating on a patient with a plastic candy cane inside of his body with Owen and Jackson. Before starting the surgery, Teddy tells Owen that there is something important that she has to tell him after they finish. This rubs Owen the wrong way, and he starts to badger her for answers during the surgery. Eventually, Teddy just blurts it out in front of everyone in the room. Owen is confused and at a loss for words and Jackson awkwardly congratulates Teddy. Toward the end of the episode, just as Owen goes to confront Teddy at the elevator, Amelia pops up and tells Owen that she wants to become Betty’s official foster mom. Just as Amelia notices the tension between Owen and Teddy in the elevator, the power goes out and the elevator gets stuck.

On the other side of the hospital, Meredith is stressed and overwhelmed. She had just bailed Richard out of jail following last week’s chaotic bar incident and Maggie won’t stop venting about Jackson. Meredith’s mind is still on Catherine’s cancer diagnosis and she wonders how she’s going to help treat her. As Maggie continues to go on about Jackson, Meredith caves and tells Maggie about Catherine’s diagnosis and tells her that if she really loves him then she needs to be ready to be there for him because is going to need her and so will Richard. 


We then find Kim and Schmitt finally getting together. Just as Kim leaves the clinic, he is knocked down by the wind, and Schmitt comes to the rescue. With the wing so strong, the two were forced to take shelter in an ambulance where they eventually have a heart-to-heart. Kim admits that he doesn’t want to deal with the drama that will come with Schmitt “coming out.” Schmitt reveals that he had always known that he was attracted to men, but that it wasn’t until Kim’s kiss that he realized that that’s what felt right for him. The two then shared another kiss.

Meredith’s love life also heats up during the episode, as her matchmaking patient Cece, gives her another pep talk about living life to the fullest. So, Meredith gives in and accepts Link’s offer to get drinks. DeLuca sees the exchange and asks Meredith out and tells her that he doesn’t regret kissing her at Alex’s wedding. Meredith tells him that she’ll consider and exits the room. The two then end up on an elevator together and just like Teddy, Owen, and Amelia’s, it stopped. 

In the last moments of the episode, Bailey, who had benched Richard after he confessed about the arrest, makes Richard promise that he’ll get a new sponsor. Richard then tells Bailey that leaving her husband has not helped her stress levels, and Maggie tells Jackson about Catherine.

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