A great white shark got stranded at a beach while trying to catch seagulls on a Cape Cod beach on Monday. Over 40 people gathered around male shark, near South Beach, in Chatham, Mass., where they helped the shark survive by keeping it wet.


The video which has gone viral, shows the beachgoers splashing the shark with buckets of water until officials attached a line to its rear caudal fin. The beachgoers cheered and clapped when the shark reacted to the water being thrown at it. Harbormaster Stuart Smith said that when he arrived to the beach, the shark appeared to be dead. With the help of the beachgoers, the shark survived and was pulled back into the open waters. It took Smith and other officials about an hour to pull the 7-ft. shark into the water.

The shark was tagged by a state shark scientist (picture below) and released.


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