Gigi Hadid took part in the “Post Pictures Of” social media trend on Sunday, December 27, in which followers suggest pictures that they would like for the user to post. Hadid shared never-before-seen pictures of her baby, her partner Zayn Malik, and best friend Taylor Swift.

While many fans had hoped for a first look at the baby’s face, the 25-year-old model quickly assured them that “it’s not happening.” Both Hadid and Malik have kept their baby girl’s identity very private since her birth in September, avoiding ever revealing her name or face.

Hadid continued to share a series of pictures of the baby, the day she found out she was pregnant, the night she went into labor, among other milestones. Hadid also shared more pictures of the baby’s nursery, which was fully decorated with stuffed animals and dozens of books.

Hadid also shared an exclusive new photo of her and her best friend, Taylor Swift that was taken at Swift’s Manhattan apartment in 2015.

Another highlight from the series were new pictures from the couple’s gender reveal party. Hadid shared a picture of her and Malik posing with a cake that had been cut to reveal its pink filling, indicating that they were expecting a girl. She also posted a picture from the same day with her mother, Real Housewives star Yolanda Hadid, as they embraced after finding out that Hadid was expecting a baby girl.

Hadid confirmed her pregnancy in early 2020, after being on-and-off with Malik since 2015. The couple officially announced the birth of their baby girl on September 23, 2020.

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