Former Freaks and Geeks actor Jerry Messing revealed he is struggling with side effects after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Messing said he has been having trouble moving his arms and legs even after being released from the hospital and testing negative for the virus. He also cannot fully stand or walk by himself and needs support when doing so.

Last month in August, Messing started to feel ill and was struggling to breathe, according to his father, James Messing.

The next day Messing got worse and his father gave him an oxygen test, which showed his levels were dangerously low. His parents rushed him to the hospital where he tested positive for the virus. Messing was put in ICU and on a ventilator after doctors realized he wasn’t able to breathe on his own. While battling COVID Messing also contracted pneumonia.

Luckily, Messing started to get better and was released from the ICU a week and a half ago.

Messing had received one dose of the Pfizer vaccine before contracting the virus and was waiting for his final dose. He still plans to get the other vaccination once doctors clear him.

As he continues to work regaining full motion of his limbs, doctors warned him it may be a long recovery. He thanked his family and fans for showing their support and wishing him well wishes while in the hospital.

Messing is best known for his roles as “Goron Crisp” on high school sitcom Freaks and Geeks, and “Pugsley” in the 1998 movie, Addams Family Reunion.

He became an internet meme after appearing in a picture tipping his fedora hat and smiling and was nicknamed “Fedora Guy” in 2013.

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