Charissa Thompson, the host on Fox Sports, has become the latest victim of hacking, as her private photos hacked and leaked online.  

Her photos were leaked onto a website that was known for releasing private photos of celebrities. Other victims include Miley Cyrus, Tiger Woods and Kristen Stewart.

Thompson hired lawyer Andrew Brettle to help her seek justice for invasion of privacy.

Brettle told Fox News that, “We’re working with [the Los Angeles District Attorney] hand-in-hand. I think that it’s important that the responsible individual or individuals are held accountable for this because it’s a disgusting invasion of my client’s privacy rights.”

Aside from being a sportscaster and host on Fox Sports, Thompson is also known for her work on ESPN, Versus, GSN, Extra, and the Big Ten Network. She was also the host on Sports Nation and Ultimate Beastmaster. 

Since the photos have been removed from the site, Thompson has not come forward to talk about the situation, leaving further comment to Brettle. She also has not been active on both Twitter or Instagram since the incident. The only thing she has shared is a photo of Howie Long with his grandson Waylon Long, which was posted a couple days after the incident.

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