Former To Catch a Predator host, Chris Hansen found himself in the hot seat on Monday after turning himself into the police in Connecticut for charges of issuing bad checks.

Police claim the 59-year-old failed to pay a local vendor nearly $13,000 for items he had purchased in 2017, of which included 355 mugs, 288 T-shirts, and 650 vinyl decals for marketing events he planned to attend.

In September 2017, after receiving a check for the entire amount, the company allegedly sent over the goods, only to discover that the check had actually bounced. Hansen then made promises with the owner to make partial payments to reimburse Promotional Sales Limited of Summer Street but failed to do so. As in April 2018, Promotional Sales Limited of Summer Street allegedly received a second check from Hansen in the amount of $13,200 but bounced within three days.

Hansen then allegedly emailed the owner to explain, “I truly thought I had this covered. I am scrambling to get it done. Please give me till the end of the day. I sold a boat to cover the rest of this and need to pick up the payment this afternoon,” he wrote.

Owner of Promotional Sales Limited of Summer Street, Peter Psichopaidas then filed a complaint with the police about the bounced check.

In the arrest affidavit that Stamford police investigator Sean Coughlin wrote, he noted that Hansen didn’t show up after agreeing to meet with him and indicated that money problems could be to blame. “I told Chris that I understood that he may have trouble, but that nearly $13,000 is a lot of money to a ‘mom-and-pop’ business and it is not fair that he accepted the material but hasn’t paid for it,” Coughlin wrote.


According to the police, a third check was never received and an arrest warrant was issued for Hansen, who turned himself into the police on Monday. Since then, Hansen has been released without bond and has a written promise to appear in court. 

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