Former Disney child actor star Kyle Massey is being sued for allegedly “attempting to commit a lewd act with a minor”. Massey denies the accusations.

A suit was filed anonymously with the accuser being referred to as Jane Doe and her mother referred to as Anne Doe, who filed on her behalf, according to E!.

Jane and Anne say they first met Massey at Universal City when Jane was just 4 years old. According to the lawsuit, Massey and the family maintained contact, and Massey was like a father figure to Jane who wanted to pursue a career in entertainment.

Jane reached out to Massey when she was 13, saying she would love to audition for his show Corey in the House. Massey responded by offering to fly the girl out and have her live with him and his girlfriend.

According to the lawsuit, this is when things took a turn for the worst. Jane Doe says Massey allegedly began sending her explicit texts, images and videos. Anne Doe called the exchange “repugnant” and asked for requested “a mediation and a confidential settlement of 1.5 million dollars to keep this ‘matter’ from going public.”

Massey and mother Angel, hold fast to Massey’s innocence and “respectfully declined the offer because Kyle had not done anything wrong.”

Massey, who voices the character Milo on Fish Hooks, also starred in the movie Life is Ruff and competed on Dancing with the Stars in 2010.

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