Season two’s premiere of Fear The Walking Dead begins with the refuge of “The Abigail” (thanks to Strand). Is it just me, or does every episode of Fear the Walking Dead have you screaming at the screen, “Run”! or “Get out of there, now”! This series has me on pins and needles.

The mid-season premiere continues in the same devilishly frightening manner; the high-intensity zombie apocalyptic drama does not let up — not for a moment! These characters face dangerous situations and gross-out moments, with twists you cannot see coming — every step of the way.

Nick, one of the show’s main characters, displays an innate ability to adjust in a world of chaos. In episode eight, “Grotesque,” Nick abandons his family and leaves Thomas’ estate after it is burned to the ground by Daniel. On his journey, he discovers that being alone in this new world is more dangerous than he could’ve ever imagined. One has to ask, “How can he be so unaffected by his choice to abandon his family”?

All of the sudden, he has compassion for the walking dead? At any rate, he steps right into the lion’s den by his own choice and is almost killed by Mexican thugs out to expel anyone they encounter for any resources they can get their hands on. It’s a dog-eat-dog world; it seems you have to destroy in order to survive.

Leaving the sanctuary of his loving family was a really bad idea, as he is basically wasting away in the rough terrain of Mexico. His bravado, too much for his own good. While trekking on foot, he faces dehydration, hypothermia — at night — among other dangers, such as getting attacked by Cujo-like dogs, and almost being eaten alive by a horde of zombies that followed the noise.

The depleted Nick seems doomed at this point, but as he musters a silent prayer for mercy, he hears gunshots, and the horde takes off towards the noise. He walks with the dead and finally collapses from exhaustion, dehydration and the pain from the dogs’ attacks on him. He only survives because it rains and by the kindness of strangers who spot him unbeknownst to him. He wants to be “where the dead aren’t monsters,” he says, in one scene. “Grotesque” follows Nick’s decision to leave the estate and his family; the entire episode is focused on Nick’s experiences after he leaves.

Ultimately, he is rescued by strangers and finds refuge in a small community of people in Mexico where everything seems normal and civilized, but as we all know by now, nothing is what it seems in “The Walking Dead” series’, and the prequel is no exception. Until the next surprise or plot twist – Nick is safe – for now.

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