New York billionaire real estate developer Douglas Durst, the estranged brother of real-estate heir Robert Durst, made his long-awaited appearance at his older brother’s murder trial, testifying that he was afraid to be in his presence.

“He’d like to murder me,” Douglas told jurors at the Los Angeles trial. “I hired security today. I have fear that my brother has threatened to kill me, and I have fear that he may have the means to do so.”

Douglas Durst who is now in charge of his family’s century-old commercial real estate firm Durst Organization revealed that the two had not talked in over 20 years due to his brother’s anger and bitterness over the inheritance settlement his father Seymour Durst left him, handing over the family business to his younger brother.

“My brother and I fought as children. We never got along,” Douglas said. “He treated me miserably. He would fight with me every chance. He would embarrass me every opportunity. It was a very difficult relationship.”

Douglas attested to multiple instances where his brother would stake out his home wearing a ski mask in 2008 leaving his family fearful for their safety.

Despite the years of torment, Douglas endured during his childhood from his older brother, he did not want to speak on the witness stand, saying he was only cooperating with prosecutors under the threat of subpoena. Prosecutors sought to prove Robert Durst murdered his best friend, Susan Berman, fatally shooting her in 2000 at her home in Los Angeles.

Prosecutors allege that Robert Durst shot Berman in the back of her head to assure her silence on the disappearance of his first wife Kathie Durst in New York in 1982, whom Berman allegedly provided Durst with an alibi when his wife went missing.

Douglas went on to reveal he didn’t know his brother’s wife was missing until three days after her disappearance when his brother called him. Robert said he hadn’t seen his wife since putting her on a train to New York City from their lakeside house in Westchester County.

“His tone was very neutral,” Douglas Durst shared. “There was no great anxiety in his tone. It seemed a little strange.”

Douglas revealed that his brother’s claims of rounding up the family to search together for his missing wife never happened. “The only effort I was aware of is the offer of a reward if somebody found her or returned her,” he said.

Douglas also testified to the jury his brother’s odd reaction when his wife’s disappearance case was opened again in 2000, saying his brother was “very upset.”

After eight years of Robert’s wife missing, he filed for divorce claiming spousal abandonment. Kathie Durst was never found and was legally declared dead. Robert Durst has been considered a suspect in her death but has never been charged with any crimes relating to his wife and denies knowing anything about her vanishing.

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