Country music singer Wynonna Judd is working with the White House on a new criminal justice reform project. But unfortunately the president couldn’t remember her name at an embarrassing ceremony at the White House. Trump referred the country legend as the “one with the red hair” when he couldn’t recall her name.

Last June, Judd’s daughter, Grace Pauline Kelley was sentenced to eight years in prison for violating her probation on drug convictions. Since Judd has been working closely with groups that help inmates transition back into society after incarceration.

“Now I have a personal investment,” she told a local Las Vegas news station last month.

Though Judd will not disclose the details of the project, Judd told reporters Thursday she was “really using this time to speak out for the unloved and people who feel forgotten” and said the partnership was “the beginning of a new chapter.”


Judd met with Brooke Rollins, a senior staffer in the White House Office of American Innovation on Wednesday and and had informal chats with counselor Kellyanne Conway and senior adviser Jared Kushner. They discussed criminal justice reform and ways the administration can continue to enhance reentry programs for inmates and curb the return-to-prison rate.

Judd is just the latest of the celebrities Donald Trump and his administration have begun to work with. Rapper Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have previously met with the administration to discuss prison reform. In addition Trump has also elevated other celebrities to have important roles. Omarosa Manigault, a former Celebrity Apprentice contestant served as the communications director for the White House Office of the Public Liaison before being fired last year and and WWE co-founder Linda McMahon served as head of the Small Business Administration before leaving the position to lead a pro-Trump outside group.

Judd’s work with the White House follows the passage of the First Step Act in December. The bipartisan bill eases punitive sentences for nonviolent offenders and aims to help inmates prepare for life after prison.

Judd said she was invited to the Whitehouse to discuss the issue with Trump himself.

“I’m coming back,”she said. “You’ll be seeing me and I’ll talk more. I’m excited about what’s coming.”

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