Actor Dax Shepard spoke about his recent struggle with opioids during the latest episode on his interview podcast, Armcharm Expert.

Shepard shared during the past months he has been addicted to the opioid painkiller, Vicodin. Shepard began using the painkiller following problems with his hand and shoulder. He went on to say he had been “on them all day.”

Shepard confirmed he is no longer using the painkillers for more than a week.

The episode began with an apologetic tone to his fans because he has been dishonest on a platform that preaches about honesty.

“A lot of people have been inspired to try sobriety, based on how open we are about it and I had a huge fear that those people would feel maybe mislead,” said Shepard.

He continued to say he feared losing endorsements of companies and giving ammo to people who already don’t like him to talk negatively about him.

Shepard expressed that he felt immense guilt from hiding “this enormous secret” from his wife, Kristen Bell and podcast co-host, Monica Padman. The news is a shock as Shepard had been sober from alcohol consumption and drug use for 16 years.

The 45-min episode aired on September 25. The podcast which launched back in February 2018 aims to explore the messy stories of other people’s lives and talk about the “messiness of being human.”

Shepard took to Instagram to promote his new episode with a somber caption addressing he felt he owed an explanation to his fans who go by “Armcheries.”

The podcast can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

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