Fans of the Dave Matthews Band are clutching their pearls after the band failed to be inaugurated into the 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class. Fans are furious that the Hall dismissed public opinion, as the band received over a million votes on the Official Fan Vote Leaderboard, more than any other artist.


The hashtags #BoycottRockHall and #robbed soon became a rallying cry from outraged fans. 

Dave Mathews Band and Pat Benatar garnered the most fan votes for induction to the Rock Hall of Fame. Neither made the cut. Why do a fan vote if you’re not going to consider it? #BoycottRockHall,” one fan, Lynn Powell tweeted. 

Professional wrestler Chris Jericho was another Twitter user to express his frustrations, writing that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, “really s–t the bed this year.”

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame replied to Jericho in what seemed like an attempt to ease public backlash.

“All of our Nominees this year were more than HOF-worthy, we are proud to have had them on the ballot. Hope they will return to future ballots if not part of the official 2020 class today,” they wrote.

Billboard music writer Joe Lynch attempted to calm fans down, and explain how mild the situation actually is. Lynch told CNN, “‘It’s a tale as old as the Rock Hall itself. They’re announced and there’s a course of people that say, ‘How can you induct this artist over this artist first?'” He added that this is only the first year the band is eligible to enter the Hall, which is probably why they weren’t inducted. Lynch offered hope for Dave Mathew Band faithfuls, saying, “The chances are the fans are angry now, but two or three years from now, they’ll be celebrating because [the Dave Matthews Band] will be inducted.'”

The Dave Matthews Band did not encourage their fans anger, addressing the situation simply by tweeting a congratulatory message  to their “fellow nominees that will be inducted,” while expressing their “gratitude for all of our amazing fans and their support.”